Index of /results/jmarcin/kernel-testing/fedora-39-x86_64/05651015-kernel/

NameLast ModifiedSizeType
../  Directory
chroot_scan/2023-Mar-16 10:43:43-- Directory 11:49:33175.81K RPM File 11:49:3538.68M RPM File 11:49:362.12M RPM File
success2023-Mar-16 11:49:214.00B Text File 11:49:3833.09M RPM File
build.info2023-Aug-10 19:23:5793.00B INFO File 11:49:4150.37M RPM File 11:49:4320.71M RPM File
configs.tar.gz2023-Mar-16 11:49:2234.16K GZ Compressed Archive
build-05651015.rsync.log2023-Mar-16 11:49:301.72K LOG File
backend.log.gz2023-Mar-16 11:50:121.71K GZ Compressed Archive
build.log.gz2023-Mar-16 11:49:19325.26K GZ Compressed Archive 11:49:45175.87K RPM File
root.log.gz2023-Mar-16 11:49:2015.02K GZ Compressed Archive
state.log.gz2023-Mar-16 11:49:19236.00B GZ Compressed Archive
kernel.spec2023-Mar-16 10:42:09284.50K SPEC File
builder-live.log.gz2023-Mar-16 11:49:21369.22K GZ Compressed Archive 11:49:53448.39M RPM File 11:50:00133.81M RPM File
results.json2023-Mar-16 11:49:222.53K JSON File
hw_info.log.gz2023-Mar-16 10:43:461.27K GZ Compressed Archive 11:50:03481.14K RPM File 11:50:051.64M RPM File 11:50:0714.52M RPM File 11:50:0915.93M RPM File
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