Index of /results/packit/teemtee-tmt-1708/fedora-35-x86_64/05065525-tmt/

NameLast ModifiedSizeType
../  Directory
chroot_scan/2022-Nov-24 15:46:45-- Directory
success2022-Nov-24 15:47:324.00B Text File
build.info2022-Nov-24 15:44:5059.00B INFO File
configs.tar.gz2022-Nov-24 15:47:3234.47K GZ Compressed Archive
backend.log.gz2022-Nov-24 15:47:441.49K GZ Compressed Archive 15:47:3452.67K RPM File
build.log.gz2022-Nov-24 15:47:317.60K GZ Compressed Archive 15:47:3583.00K RPM File 15:47:3649.82K RPM File 15:47:3745.98K RPM File 15:47:3849.37K RPM File
root.log.gz2022-Nov-24 15:47:3113.03K GZ Compressed Archive 15:47:3949.57K RPM File
state.log.gz2022-Nov-24 15:47:31241.00B GZ Compressed Archive
build-05065525.rsync.log2022-Nov-24 15:47:331.70K LOG File
tmt.spec2022-Nov-24 15:44:5268.59K SPEC File 15:47:4059.76K RPM File
builder-live.log.gz2022-Nov-24 15:47:3234.46K GZ Compressed Archive
results.json2022-Nov-24 15:47:322.16K JSON File 15:47:41369.35K RPM File 15:47:4146.06K RPM File
hw_info.log.gz2022-Nov-24 15:46:471.19K GZ Compressed Archive 15:47:42415.87K RPM File
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